The eleven stories presented at the 6th edition of the festival Photoreporter en Baie de Saint-Brieuc (Oct 5th to Nov 9th 2017) tell us how people around the globe face the daily challenges of our unstable world. Together, these stories reflect the current state of mind.
Going beyond a juxtaposition of exhibitions, they invite us to take a step aside, refine our critical sense and arouse questions rather than answers.

unREST, exploring the vibrations of our world

unREST is the common theme of the stories; it corresponds to the state of uncertainty and renewal which animate the present world, a synthesis of two opposing tendencies. One a catalyst for change, often associated with uncertainty and disorder and the other, a state of repose, an opportunity for regeneration. 
Lately the world seems a more unsettled place; stories of economic and political uncertainty, climate change and, consequently, social crisis and outbreaks of violence suggest a changing daily reality on the verge of cataclysm that threatens to overwhelm society. 
But sometimes the very real threats of upheaval are opportunities for deep reflection and positive renewal. What emerges is an extraordinary release of effort and creative expression by those unwilling to accept their prescribed fate. 

unREST shows the awakening of the human spirit in a world that is busy saving itself. These are tales of conflicting realities running in parallel: from the epic to the intimate, chaos to serenity, these divergent narratives meet occasionally in the middle in nuanced greys. 
Is this humanity’s eleventh hour or the inexorable and never-ending swing of life’s pendulum? 


Artistic direction

Eefje Ludwig and Reem Saouma, currently curators, is the Artistic team of this edition :

“ The photoreportages presented this year tell us how people around the globe are meeting the daily challenges in our current unstable world. Together, these stories form a conversation about the state of mind in which the world is today. They invite us to refine our critical sense and arouse questions rather than answers. These visual stories are seen little in mass medias ; they are untold, unexplored, unexpected, unknown and unpredictable. 

Each story will be presented differently, offering different levels of interaction with the audience. The variety of exhibitions will be embodied in the diversity of subjects and ways of presentation, but also through visual languages ​​and photographic styles.”


Eleven stories


Menstruation mythes
This story addresses the universal stigma of menstruation in order to break this taboo and understand its impacts on women around the globe. 

My quiet place – USA 
In the village of Green Bank, sheltered from the waves, electrosensitive persons gather to lead a peaceful life. 

Le deplacement – Switzerland 
Christian LUTZ
This February 3rd, my father was diagnosed with an advanced stage of lung cancer. Ever since, I’ve been shouldering him in his struggle and photographing him on a daily basis.

Maqbooza Kashmir* – India 
For the past year, Indian Kashmir has been plagued by a new separatist insurrection. This forgotten conflict ravages the daily life of the local civilians.
* Cachemire occupé, en langue ourdou.

Il mare non bagna Napoli* – Italy
The photoreportage is a ​​look at the daily life of adolescents from Scampia in Naples, a marginalized neighborhood in southern Italy, striving for a better future.
*The sea does not reach Naples.

Rhapsody in the dark – Japan 
Starting from individual stories of ordinary people in Okinawa, this story reveals the harsh reality of life, far from the image on the Japan of the XXIrst century.

Urban monoparentalites – Poland 
This photoreportage focuses on urban unmarried parents who voluntarily choose single parenthood, a complex choice with daily challenges. 

The Agreement – Greece, Turkey, Serbia 
Alessandro PENSO
This photographic project highlights the living conditions of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Europe, following the agreement between Turkey and the EU.

White nights – Russia 
How does the environment affect the human soul? The portraits of the inhabitants of the city of St. Petersburg and the urban landscapes recount the state of isolation and threat of this city. 

Trumpistan: The Resistance – USA 
Following the investiture of Donald Trump as President of the United States, protests broke out. Mobilized citizens aspire to build a solid movement. 

The wall of Lima – Peru 
In the Peruvian capital stands the longest urban separation wall in the world, dividing one of the largest slums from a “gated community” inhabited by millionaires.