Alexis Berg2

Trail-running, seeking limits.

Running, walking, running away in a forest, escape to the top of a moutnatin. Trail-running is a sport that takes a simple thing in a complicated world: running in nature. In a few years, the wild version of the running has become a profound phenomenon in Europe, in the US, in Asia.

Basically, the trail grows even where modern life compartmentalize existences, away people from nature, tfrom heir bodies; where the clock of work confiscated the course of time. For those sudden plunge, the trail is often seen as a breath of fresh air, a gesture of freedom. A personal quest in a dailylife lack of adventures.

These are the longer distances that fascinate traileurs. Beyond 80 k, it is called ultra. These are ultra-trail I photograph for several years. Located in marvelous landscape, these races congregate thousands of anonymous fearless. For 20, 30, 50 hours, they explore their limits, confronting the other, but mostly to themselves.

There are two distances that interest me. The distant image, when the man is lost point in the vastness. And proximity to the eyes, shifty or piercing, portrait emotions that stretch


Born in France in 1986, Alexis Berg studied journalism in Bretagne (Lannion IUT). He then moved to Paris and continued literary and editorial projects. He started photography in 2009. Five years later, he specializes in trail-running. Published by a dozen magazines, his work is the subject of a book (Grand Trail, 2015). He tries look with sensitivity a sport he does not practice.