Arianna Sanesi

 “I would like you to see me”

A project on Femicides and women disappearings in contemporary Italian society.

A visual project

From 2005 to 2013, a total of 1036 women have been killed ( 134 in 2013) mostly “loving” husbands and fathers. Jealousy, rage, premeditation. Wich questions the whole shared idea of love and respect. A visual investigation to raise questions, awareness and battle over-used cliches ( femininity, family and love). The UN has declarded femicid in Italy a “State Crime” because of the absence of state intervenance against it. I think it’s necessary to bring light this phenomenom: Italy likes to give a nice image of itself, and women that are partly liberated and sexy and partly reassuring italian mothers contribute to this image but also to misunderstangings and stagnant sitations when it comes to factural rights.

After much thought given to the issue and also with the development of my photographic language, that currently has a deepened use of what is now called “storytelling”, I decided these stories could be told and hinted at, and that I could use the help of women that live a normal or happy life, but statistically correspond to the victims.Being exhaustive is impossible and the only way to drive readers to get informed is giving effective visual communication, arise curiosity and why not, indignation.

  • Enna: G., Vanessa's little brother, has been sleeping in her bed since the day she got killed.
  • Italy, Milan: a doll made in prison by S., a man who killed his mother-in-law. 
  • Italy, Lizzano: hate message. Translation: "You were everything to me, now you are just like every other woman."


Arianna Sanesi

Arianna Sanesi – Italie



Arianna Sanesi : Italy

Arianna Sanesi is  italian freelance photographer ( 1976, )She studies communication and photography . She completed at CFB Bauer.

Member and founder of MICRO collective and co-curator of Voices from italy project

In a moment when everyone owns a camera and claims to be a photographer, I’m still so shate about defining myself as such.
I came to the conclusion there must be a meaning, a story you fiercely want to tell, not to reduce photography to a sterile excercise.


2014 Shortlisted for Rock your dummy! competition at LePhotoBookFest, Paris.
2013 Honorable Mention for Dispersal, LePhotoBookFest, Paris
2013 Selected among the 2013 Best Portfolios, Mesiac Fotografie, Bratislava

Exhibition Area : Maison de l’Agglomération