Carla Kogelman

« Je suis l’Afrique du sud »

The rural area of Eastern Cape (rehearsal/production place) will be the stage for my photos.

I am interested in the daily life of the young Xhosa people who actually live in the rural areas of Eastern Cape, born after apartheid. What does the nowadays community look like? Who are they ? How do they grow up ? What kind of rituals do they (still) have ? How do they relate to their ancestors ?

How does this generation look after apartheid? Where do they come from? Which stories do they have ? What are their fears ? What are their dreams ?

In my documentary work I always like to get close to people. How close can I get to them ?

I am interested in developing a visual language with leaves room for fantasy and interpretation. I want to show a world with no dead end, but with an open end, a story with hope and creativity. A human interest focus for optimism. Looking for cultural context and content.



  • two kids play with a pistol
  • A girl at shaw park combined school writes something down
  • Kids at bell primary school look into the kitchen






Carla Kogelman : South Africa

Carla Kogelman (b. 1961) has worked in the theatre industry for 25 years. In December 2011, she graduated at the Foto Academie Amsterdam. She was always interested in the stories backstage, the actors’ stories instead of those being performed on stage. Her portrait series of actors backstage won first prize at the Zilveren Camera in 2011 and the Dutch national photography portfolio contest, the SO (Selection Of Dutch Photography) Awards, in 2013.In 2012, she was commissioned by Szene Bunte Wähne, a youth theater festival in Austria, to make a documentary about the rural Waldviertel region

exhibits – current and future

2015 – Cortona (Italy) – Cortona on the Move –  ich bin Waldviertel –

17 juli 2015 – 28 september 2015

2014/2015 – WPP global tour

Amsterdam – Nederlands Theater Festival | Back Stage – Stanislavski
30 augustus 2012 t/m september 2015

2014 Pf Portfolioprijs 2014 – winner

2014 Met het Oog op Amersfoort 2014 – nomination

2014 Cortona on the Move – Happiness Award

2014 ISPA 2014 – shortlist

2014 World Press Photo – 1st prize – observed portraits

2013 PF PortFolioPrijs 2013 nomination

2013 SO 2013 Award (selection of Dutch Photography) – winner Gold
2014 En Vele Anderen -ISBN/EAN 978-90-816441-0-5

2013 SO 2013 ISBN 978-94-90731-03-8
1991 – 2014: director Kleine Spui, a theatre agency for visual theatre
2008 – 2014: Etienne Borgers, managing director / producer

Exhibition Area : Maison de l’Agglomération