A crisis in photojournalism, in the press and in society?

The question is not so much of defending a profession rather than of recreating awareness of the undeniable value for society of the work performed by photoreporters. This is how we can once again make it possible for photographers to practise their profession and fulfil their mission: to enlighten us as citizens about all that is beautiful, subtle, frightening and complex in the world.

The Photoreporter Festival helps to reaffirm the noble calling of Photojournalism by enabling photographers to realise their mission and, above all, to confirm photography in its rightful place as a popular, and even universal, medium. It is in this light that tens of thousands of people from all social backgrounds come to each event to enjoy free exhibitions in Saint-Brieuc in Brittany.

The Photoreporter Festival is a popular event which portrays the world in all its complexity.

It is also a channel for expression which, over its 4 years, has enabled some 50 photographers to share their personal perspective on events occurring on our planet.

And lastly it’s a local project, notably made possible by funding from sponsors in support of an important issue within society, namely the maximisation of access to information with high added value in terms of editorial and emotional content.


Alexandre SOLACOLU

Photoreporter Festival Director