Franck Vogel (eng)

Brahmaputra, the new Indo-Chinese hydro dam war

Brahmaputra River (2900km long) becomes an economic and energy issue for India and China, which have both started the hydroelectric dam construction race. China began the construction of the first 510 MW in Zhangmu, followed by three others in the same river stretch in Tibet. In the media, India government and the Governor of Arunashal Pradesh state – bordering with Tibet – denounces a dry out of the river and accuses its Chinese neighbor. Indian nationalist even burned a Chinese flag in Guwahati in Assam. Everything seems to accuse China of water resource monopole, but the situation is much more complex. India is far from being an innocent victim…

Le Brahmapoutre Le Brahmapoutre Le Brahmapoutre vu du ciel


Franck Vogel

Franck Vogel works as a freelance photojournalist on social and environmental issues for the international press (Paris Match, GEO, Stern, Le Monde diplomatique, NRC Weekblad, Animan, VSD, Discovery magazine…).

Since 2007, he has focused on the unique relationships between Nature and Human beings to show the World that it’s possible to live in harmony. Most reportage depict the worst, Franck decided to bring hope. In India, his story on the Bishnois, the world’s first environmentalists, illustrates this in the best way. This work has been published all over the world, including GEO magazine for its special 30th anniversary in 2009, and featured inside Parisian Metro stations in 2011 (Montparnasse) and 2012 (Luxembourg). Over 15 million visitors have seen those huge exhibitions. To give a wider audience, Franck Vogel wrote and co-directed a documentary film, The Bishnois : India’s eco-warriors (52min, France 5, 2011). The film was awarded the Phoenix d’Or 2011 and the Terre Sauvage Award 2013.

His work to denounce the Albino killings in Tanzania has been featured in magazines and exhibited around the world (Rencontres d’Arles, Visa pour l’Image, Pingyao Photo Festival in China…). He published I’m not a talisman (2012, Michel Lafon) and Zeru, Zeru (2013).

He is currently focusing on transboundary water tensions : Transboundary Rivers, a long term project on six rivers around the world. The first part on the Nile has been produced and exhibited at Festival Photoreporter in 2012, and published by GEO, Stern and Le Monde Diplomatique. This year he present the second part on the Brahmaputra river.

In 2013, Franck received the highest honors for promoting Bishnoi culture from all their religious and political leaders.