Franck Vogel, Honorary President


The Photoreporter Festival in Saint-Brieuc is born in 2011 when photojournalist Franck Vogel met Alexandre Solacolu, who was a sailing event promoter. While Franck explained the difficulty to fund photojournalism projects, Alexandre with its experience in financing sailing projects discovered interesting parallels. Indeed, a skipper engaged in a solo race needs a boat and equipment but his sponsor knows he has no insurance about the final result, yet he makes a financial commitment.

That leads to a question: why don’t companies finance international photojournalist’s projects as they are able to finance a skipper? Based on his discussions with Franck Vogel, Alexandre Solacolu decided he had to find a way to finance photojournalism using his past experience in sailing.


Franck Vogel works as a freelance photojournalist on social and environmental issues for the international press (Paris Match, GEO, Stern, Le Monde diplomatique, NRC Weekblad, Animan, VSD, Discovery).
Since 2007, he has focused on the unique relationship between Man & Nature in an effort to illustrate that it’s possible to live in harmony. In a world where most global reports represent the worst, Franck decided to bring hope. As an example, his epic work about the Bishnoi community in India tells the story of some of the world’s first environmentalists. This work has been published all over the globe, including in GEO magazine’s special 30th anniversary issue in 2009, as well as photos showcased in Parisian Metro stations in 2011 and 2012 (15 million visitors / first exhibition in France produced with eco-friendly vinyl and inks). In oder to reach a wider audience, Franck Vogel wrote and co-directed a documentary film entitled, « Rajasthan, l’âme d’un prophète » (The Bishnois, India’s Eco-Warriors), which was broadcast June 11th, 2011 on France 5 TV. The film was awarded the Phoenix d’Or 2011 and the 2013 Terre Sauvage Award.
His recent work to denounce the Albino killings in Tanzania has been featured in magazines and exhibited around the world (Rencontres d’Arles, Visa pour l’Image, Pingyao Photo Festival in China…), and his book on Albinos released in 2012 (Michel Lafon Publishing). His latest book « Zeru, Zeru » is available on
Franck Vogel is currently focusing on global transboundary water tensions and has completed stories on the Nile and Brahmaputra, for the Saint-Brieuc Photoreporter Festival (France) in 2012 and 2014. Stories were subsequently published by GEO, Stern and Le Monde diplomatique.

In 2013, to reward his tireless efforts to promote the Bishnoi culture, Franck Vogel received highest honors from Bishnoi religious and political leaders at a ceremony at the Mukam Festival (India) attended by thousands of pilgrims.