Gaël Turine (eng)

India and the wall of shame

Barriers between countries, walls around towns, and fences through districts – these are the solutions imposed on millions of people throughout the world on the pretext of fighting terrorism, illegal immigration or else drug trafficking. In 1992 the Indian government decided to build a border wall between India and neighbouring Bangladesh.

Before the construction of the barrier, thousands of Bangladeshis used to cross the border every day to work in India. This was not felt to be migration, more simple comings and goings. The purpose of the report is to show that the erection of the fence has upset the religious and cultural socio-economic mechanisms that existed before the wall.


Gaël TurineGaël Turine is the author of several publications, including Aveuglément in the Photo Poche collection, a study of cooperatives for the blind in West Africa. In 2004, after various visits to Africa, the book Avoir 20 ans à Kaboul was published. A long collaboration with the paediatric cancer specialist, Eric Sariban, led to the publication of the book Aujourd’hui c’est demain with Delpire Editeur. In 2005 he began his study on the trail of the Voodoo cult. The book Voodoo was published in January 2011.

His work is shown in galleries and Museums and in festivals. His reports are published in the international press. He has been honoured with awards and has received grants in Europe and the United States. He has worked with NGOs from the start of his career. Gaël Turine is a member of the VU agency.