Isabelle Vaillant

Des Adolescents




Born in 1972, Isabelle Vaillant lives and works in Brittany, France. She discovered photography in 1998 and studied at the Image Ouverte school of photography in Nîmes.

Since then she has taken part in numerous commissions and residencies both in France and abroad, including the festival Rencontres de la Jeune Photographie Internationale, held in Niort in 2000; an artists’ residency in Liège, Belgium; the La Megisserie cultural centre in the Limousin region; Toulouse in 2012 (the Entre les Tours exhibition in the Le Mirail district);

and the GwinZegal artistic centre (2013, The Catholic Religion in the Côtes d’Armor)….

Since 2008 she has been holding photography workshops for suffering children in collaboration with the Envols d’Enfance association, giving rise to two works published in Editions Guallimard (Envols d’Enfance in 2008 and Même pas Peur in 2012).


For fifteen years now she has been conducting very personal research into the body, childhood, isolation and solitude.

And into rituals and intimacy.

Her productions and the troubling mixture of the real and the false speak to us about the apprehension of the world of dreams.

A large space is dedicated to the exploration of the frontiers between secrets and introspection.

Exhibition Area : Carré Rosengart