Jean-François le Bescond aka l’Oeil de Paco

Joining the GR® 34

The GR® 34 is one of the most emblematic routes in France’s Grande Randonnée rambling trail network. The GR® 34 or Sentier des Douaniers follows the Breton coasts for more than 1,800km, continually offering unbeatable sea views.

Rocky headlands, wild coasts, marshland, dunes, beaches, inlets, diverse fauna and flora, rich historical heritage… at every turn there is a picture postcard. Striding along the GR® 34 is one of the best ways to capture the spirit of Brittany, breathing in the invigorating sea air. The bay at Mont Saint-Michel, the Côte d’Emeraude and Côte de Granit Rose, the estuaries of the Finistère coast, the Crozon peninsula, the Côte de Cornouaille and Pointe du Raz, South Finistère, the Gulf of Morbihan…

People come to walk it from nearby and from all corners of the globe. You can run it, hike it and photograph it… but it is also a rich source of inspiration. Hiking is today a very popular activity for tourists and also for the inhabitants of the Saint-Brieuc Bay area, who never tire of admiring the power of their coastline, its serenity and the diverse palette of colours that inundate its maritime landscape.

Over the course of many meetings during excursions along the GR® 34, Jean François Le Bescond, known as Paco, relates Brittany through the celebrated hiking trail.


Originally from the Côtes d’Amor region in Northern Brittany, more precisely Saint-Brieuc Bay, Jean-François Le Bescond (alias Paco’s Eye) came to photography at a very young age. With the benefit of his professional experience as a coastguard and inspired by numerous trips to Vietnam and the Balkans, he has tended towards poetic work rather than technical mastery. Back in Brittany since 2012, Jean-François Le Bescond has developed a business in the photographic services sector. At the same time, he continues to relate Brittany in images through his work.