Nicole Segers (eng)

Seven Borders

The heart of Europe and the story of the seven brand new borders of the western Balkans.
In this story I will travel across the seven brand new borders in the Western Balkans and look at the meaning of these frontiers. In what way do they change lives and landscapes? The Balkan conflict of unity and separation seems to tear the hearts of the people. At the same time the Balkan countries paradoxically cherish all the ambition of a united future within the European Union. An important lead in my photographic plan will be the never changing landscapes of the Balkan and the visible traces of the turbulent history of the region versus the huge implications of this for the people living in each of the seven border regions and their present lives.

Nicole Segers - Seven Borders Nicole Segers - Seven Borders Nicole Segers - Seven Borders


Nicole SegersNicole Segers (Tilburg, 1960) is documentary photographer. Her work consists mainly of long-term projects in which she focuses on contemporary subjects. She made several exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad, amongst others during Festival Breda Photo, at De Kunsthal in Rotterdam, with Rem Koolhaas and OMA in Brussels, and published two main bodies of work in book form: Het Einde van Europa (Lemniscaat, Rotterdam 2004) and Het veer van Istanbul (Lemniscaat, Rotterdam 2010) – both translated in French : “Gens des Confins“, sur la frontière orientale de l’Europe and “Les passeurs d’Istanbul” (Les éditions Noir sur Blanc, Lausanne 2010 and 2013).